CHAS – Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme

Nigel Jeffries Landscapes Ltd is constantly striving to achieve the highest standards in health and safety, not just for our staff, but also for the benefit of members of the public with whom we come into contact and for our clients who want to know their grounds maintenance contracts are in safe hands.

By gaining CHAS accreditation we are able to demonstrate a high level of Health and Safety compliance using a widely recognised service. This speeds up the tendering process for both Suppliers and Buyers.

CHAS assess applicants in the following:

1.  Health and safety policy statement;

2.  Their organisation for health and safety;

3.  Their specific health and safety arrangements to a standard acceptable to our buyers and to others. 



In 1997 a group of health and safety and procurement professionals from across Great Britain worked with the Association of London Government (ALG) to develop CHAS – Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme.  In 2001 CHAS became a web-based system.

CHAS started with two main aims:

1.  To improve health and safety standards across Great Britain.

2.  To reduce duplicated safety applications for both suppliers and buyers.

These days CHAS have more than 500 public and private sector buyer organisations, such as councils, housing associations, NHS trusts, including a growing number of large private companies who only employ CHAS accredited sub-contractors.

March 2016