Commercial landscape maintenance. Are tractor drawn tri-deck mowers a good option?

Nigel Jeffries, with over 30 years experience in commercial landscape maintenance, considers the pros and cons of a tractor drawn Tri-Deck Mower.

Tractor drawn Tri-Deck Mower

Our latest tractor drawn Tri-Deck Mower

Back in January in a previous blog I discussed the merits and pitfalls of rotary mowers over their cylinder rivals. After much thought and feedback from several parties, we purchased a Wessex RMX500 to replace our seven unit gang mower and can now report on our initial feedback from this machine.

  1. We do like the fact that its cost was less than a comparable cylinder mower.
  2. After four months of steady use we have found the machine to be reliable with only a couple of teething problems.
  3. The standard of cut is consistently high. In my previous blog I had suggested that a well set up cylinder mower would provide a better cut. However we have found that the new rotary provides a very similar cut but requires much less fine tuning to maintain this standard due to its simplicity.
  4. Given that the 5m width of cut is achieved with only three decks (as opposed to seven cylinders on our previous mower with a width of 4.6m) we were concerned about the possibility of scalping especially over undulating ground. We are pleased to report that on our sites, at least, this has not proved to be a problem.
  5. Tractor horse power requirement calls for a minimum of 70hp. As with most manufacturers, in my opinion, this really is the absolute minimum and really at least another 20% should be factored in. Our tractor is a 90hp unit and even that sometimes requires quite low gears to cope with thick and/or long grass. However, for the majority of our operations on playing fields and sports pitches 90hp is more than adequate.

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