Does your organisation have a winter gritting plan?

One thing is certain in the UK: The unpredictability of our weather.

Businesses, schools and hospitals should have a winter salting plan in place, so that they are not caught unawares should the weather take a turn for the worse. In this blog, Nigel Jeffries answers some frequently asked questions:

Q.   Should we grit our site this winter for ice and snow?

A.   The quick answer is yes.

The winter is upon us once more, albeit currently a very mild and wet one! According to the Met Office though the weather conditions are likely to get colder.

Q.   Why should I consider gritting?

A.   There are two main reasons:

(i)   To keep your site safe.

A business and employer is responsible for the safety of their staff and customers.  With our wet environment water quickly turns to ice presenting a hazard and risk.

(ii)        To keep your site open.

Whether your premises is a commercial business or a public environment such as a school or hospital having a gritting plan in place will help keep your site open.

Q.   How would I go about setting up a gritting programme?

A.    Easy! Just contact us. We can discuss your requirements with you.

Q.     What should we consider when setting up a gritting programme?

A.     When setting up a programme you may consider the following:

(i)     What areas are to be gritted?

(ii)    What temperature should be used as a ‘call out trigger?’

(iii)   Should we grit at weekends or not?

Q.    How do you operate the gritting programme?

A.     Having set up your parameters, our associates at Nurture use the accurate ‘Met Desk’ system to monitor local weather conditions.  If a red weather warning matches your call out trigger then we will grit your premises unless you decide not to.  Remember you have control.

We have a proven track record and has been providing a winter gritting service via our associates Truegrit since 2006. We own and run several dedicated gritting lorries and spreaders so can access any site. We have a trained team who tailor the service provided at each site.

Does your company have a winter gritting plan?

Please do contact us should you wish to discuss winter gritting further.

 January 2016