Landscaping in Hampshire. Take a look at our planting in Fleet Cemetery

Mike Nowick, Contracts Manager at Nigel Jeffries Landscapes, outlines how he approached landscaping the Cemetery in Fleet, Hampshire.

During a site meeting, the Manageress of the Cemetery suggested to me that it needed a bit more colour around the centrally-situated building which provides visitors with a watering point and shelter from the Summer’s heat and the cold of Winter.

Fleet Cemetery Hampshire

Front view, before new planting

I noticed that quite a few people sat there on the benches and gazed out at the graves, lost in their own thoughts. This prompted me to draw up plans for two planters to separate the benches from the lawn areas on either side, at a height which would not impede the view from the seated position, planted with evergreen plants which would provide colour throughout the year. I chose two types of Nandina, underplanted with Ophiopogon nigrescens.

Fleet Cemetery

Side view, after planting

At the approach side, I positioned six white Iceberg Standards. To create an “entrance avenue” to the building, underplanted with Nandina and Ophiopogon, for continuity with the planters.

Fleet Cemetery Hampshire

Front view, after planting

The simple design has been a success, judging by all the compliments I have received from visitors (from local and afar).

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