Some reasons to consider Interior Landscaping

There are many ‘pros’ and very few ‘cons’ to interior plant landscaping.

Here are six of the ‘pros’ and a ‘con’:

1.  An overall improvement of the office appearance can be achieved. A relatively dull and otherwise dreary environment can be lifted by inclusion of just one or two plants.

2.  A pleasant and tranquil environment can be created for both staff and customers which may help with staff retention and customer spending!

3.  Interestingly a study conducted in Norway found that introducing plants to the workplace decreases absenteeism from 15% down to 5%.

4.  Washington State University found that plants release moisture in an office environment creating a humidity level matching the recommended human comfort range of 30-60%.

5.  People in offices are more productive, take fewer sick days, make fewer mistakes and are happier when interior landscaping enhances their environment.

6.  Carbon Dioxide levels are reduced during the day as well as pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide.

And the con……

There is a cost but even this is a pro in that we can provide plants and their containers to suit any particular office environment at a very reasonable rate.

Whether you are trying to create an’ indoor jungle’ or require one or two feature plants we would be delighted to supply and strategically place them together with an ongoing maintenance programme.

Please contact us to chat through your requirements.

Nigel Jeffries qualified in Commercial Horticulture at Whittle Agricultural College before setting up his business in 1983.

February 2016