Most companies understand the need for well-maintained grounds. The external appearance of an organisation says a lot about how the business is managed internally, and we shouldn’t underestimate the contribution to positive staff morale.

We offer a complete package of grounds maintenance contracts tailored to the needs of both municipal and commercial clients. Our services include grass cutting, border and tree maintenance, the upkeep and clearance of footpaths and hedging, heather management, sports pitch maintenance, winter salting and gritting as well as snow clearing. Wherever we can, we like to preserve the local wildlife habitats.

Our clients include local authorities, housing associations, sports and fitness clubs, schools, car dealerships, commercial complexes, industrial estates, hotels and B&Bs.

We also offer interior landscaping solutions. Landscapes don’t stop when you enter a building and we can bring some outside colour into your inside work space – creating a calm working environment, introducing plants and other natural features to draw attention away from desks and office equipment. We can enhance focal areas like entrances and reception areas through the creative use of planting and natural interior installations. And once you’re happy with your interior landscape, we’ll maintain and care for it to ensure it stays that way.