Nigel Jeffries Landscapes is a Territory Operator for Nurture, enabling us to provide a winter gritting and snow clearing service for West London, Surrey and Middlesex.

Nurture is a leading, nationwide winter gritting and snow clearing company, delivering across the UK for commercial and private premises alike. We cover a wide range of property types, including:

  • Industrial parks and trading estates
  • Office business parks
  • Shopping retail car parks
  • Hospitals
  • Private schools and university campuses
  • Private property and private roads.

We can tailor our services to meet your specific site and Health and Safety needs, minimising risks from snow and ice.

In partnership with Nurture, we give our clients peace of mind in knowing that in hazardous freezing or snow conditions, their property will be gritted and, to the best of our ability, made safe before customers and staff arrive in the morning.

Nurture use the MetDesk for weather forecasting. The MetDesk provides highly detailed, location-specific weather reports. These forecasts allow us to grit proactively during the night and early hours of the morning when most locations are clear of vehicles and pedestrians.

Proud of our reputation for quality and efficiency, we have full-tracking systems in all of our winter gritting and salt spreading vehicles. This means we can manage our fleet in real-time during adverse weather conditions and, of equal importance, adds a measure of transparency to our work.

Why Nurture?

  • National network with local operators
    • single point of contact for all requirements
    • local operators who know their areas
  • Flexible Callout
    • we agree the callout triggers to suit your business
    • we only grit when necessary
    • human intervention to check timing of hazards
    • plus the option to cancel any gritting visit
  • Detailed Forecast Analysis
    • localised weather forecasts on weather risk and timing, including snowfall
    • we only grit on genuine risk

Our quality service begins when you contact us for a quote. We then carry out a comprehensive site survey and provide a price on a per-visit basis, with no up-front or retaining fee required. We can also provide a risk assessment and a method statement upon retention of our service.