Ground Care Plant Hire

Ground Care Plant Hire

A wide range of ground care equipment available to hire

NJL offer hire of professional domestic and commercial grounds care machines either with a fully insured experienced operator or self drive.

Why operated plant hire?

An experienced operator has skills and knowledge to complete the work safely, efficiently and effectively with the plant in all conditions and sites.

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Hire equipment

Charterhouse Overseeder 2075

Charterhouse Overseeder 2075

A professional 2m overseeder with disc spacings of 75m to a depth of 20mm. A high work rate allows more than 8 football pitches to be done in in 3 directions in a day. It requires a minimum of 70hp with a lift of 1400kg.

From £225 + VAT per day.

Charterhouse Vertidrain 7521

A 2m wide deep aerator that works to a depth or up to 350mm. It requires a minimum of 70hp.

From £375 + VAT per day.

Amazone Flail collector mower & scarifier

Amazone Flail Collector Mower & Scarifier

With a 1.35m working with the 1350-T can be used for mowing, scarification and leaf collection. This high-tip model can tip up to 1.8m, is semi mounted and has a requirement of 25HP.

From £240 + VAT per day.

Dragone 1.7m Flail Mower

Dragone 1.7m Flail Mower

A heavy duty flail mower with a side shift facility and a rear roller for rough area and long grass. A minimum of 40hp.

From £120 + VAT per day.

John Deere 2027 Tractor & Loader

A 27hp hydrostatic drive compact tractor with loader and bucket.

From £125 + VAT per day.

Blec 1.3m Stone burier

Blec Stone Burier

A cultivator and stone burrier in one to bury trash and prepare a tilth, the rear roller leaves a seed bed finish. A minimum of 27hp.

From £200 + VAT per day.

Camon Lawn Scarfier

Camon Lawn Scarfier

The LS42 Lawn Scarifier is perfect for the removal of moss and thatch from lawns and comes with a large 45 litre collection bag. Working Width of 430mm.

From £40 + VAT per day.

Sisis Multislit 1500 Deep Aerator

Sisis Multislit 1500 Deep Aerator

The Multislit is a tractor mounted deep slitting lawn aerator for sports field maintenance, fine turf and amenities, offering deep, clean penetration with minimal surface disturbance. Suitable for maintenance of all grassed areas it improves drainage, reduces turf compaction, thatch build up and boosts the health of the sward.

From £160 + VAT per day.

Field Roller

Water fillable ballast roller for large lawns and sports turf.

From £40 + VAT per day.

For quotes and prices of operated plant hire please call for details on 01276 476365 or 07563 80775